Dreadlocks 411

Dreads are a hair style that gets a lot of attention, and with a lot of attention comes a lot of questions and rumors. Since I’ve had dreads for a while I would like to express my opinion on some of the dreadlocks rumors and disprove some of the ridiculous rumors. I would also like to share information about making dreadlocks and share links to some of the most helpful dreads sites on the internet. Please use the links in the menu to increase your knowledge of dreads.

Things to know about dreadlocks

Many people do not understand that dreadlocks take time and patience. I believe that you need to understand this before you start making dreadlocks. They are not a 1 week phase.

“Dreadlocks….. not just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle.”

This is the quote you need to keep telling yourself while you are considering making dreadlocks. Basically they are a responsibility, and if you handle responsibility well, then you will be fine. If you are looking for instant dreadlocks or temporary dreadlocks you should definitely get them. A great site with a kit for making temporary dreadlocks is Temporary-Dreadlocks.com

Another thing to simmer on when you are considering making dreadlocks is the Rumors Factor. Rumors are often spread by people who don’t know anything about a subject and are usually afraid of it so they don’t learn about it. I think that rumors are the main reason that a lot of people who are interested in dreadlocks don’t get them. The most popular rumors about dreads that I’ve heard are:

  • You can’t wash dreads.
  • Dreadlocks have bugs.

Well both of these are in fact, rumors. You can wash dreadlocks and they don’t have bugs unless you do not care for them. Many people who have had dreads have maintained them for years without any problems with bugs.

You can read more about dreads rumors on the dreads rumors page.

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